The city of Cagliari is the hub of an extensive and lively metropolitan area, which lays in the picturesque Golfo degli Angeli.

With its distinctive and mixed heritage, Cagliari offers visitors a scenic anticipation of its rich and complex history, traces of which are scattered throughout the streets of the city: the Punic Tuvixeddu necropolis, the great Roman amphitheater, the Byzantine Basilica of San Saturnino, Pisan towers and Piedmontese Royal Palace.
The remains of past civilizations today integrate beautifully with the Nouveau architecture of the town, the colorful historic center, the green of the towering palms and ficus trees.

Built on seven hills, Cagliari offers many natural terraces from which to admire its many faces, caressed by the inevitable mistral wind.

Almost suspended between sky and sea, Cagliari is reflected over the water that characterize the geography, nature oasis and charming salt pans that turn pink flamingos with the arrival of flamingos at the Molentargius santuary in the west and the Santa Gilla Lagoon in the east offer visitors enchanting views of the city, not to be missed at sunset.

Poetto Beach is a long beach of fine sand that borders the city, back dropped by the unmistakable Sella del Diavolo.
From the harbor at Marina Piccola to the nearby Quartu Sant’Elena waterfront, the characteristic kiosks on the beach liven up the sunny days and exciting nights, but the four historic districts are the true heart of the city nightlife: Marina, Castle, Stampace and Villanova.

Le Case di Via Arquer are located in the heart of the Marina quarter, a multiethnic neighborhood par excellence, which integrates traditional and contemporary. Its characteristic streets are home to restaurants, taverns, shops and artisan workshops. Nestling between the Castello quarter and the promenade, in every season the Marina is the heart of the city, as well as the ideal spot from which to discover Cagliari.

Among the six finalists vying for the title of European Capital of Culture 2019 (title awarded to Matera), Cagliari is experiencing a full calendar of events and cultural initiatives, they see the city spaces framed by and artistic experiments.